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PimpnCat Ft. Di One - Send Her @Mr_IzZM

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I am a Student of the Rap Game but a Product of the Street Game Living in the Reality Of My life. I am Not just what You See but what You Can Feel when you do hear me. You Can hear the Pain, the Joy, The Failures and Success that i have had in My life in my voice and lyrics. With that being said I Have Never had the chance to live in a Fantasy World so I Don't Write Fantasy Rap. I write what I have seen, been through, Know, witness or what I have Survived.. If You Judge Me, Judge My Cards the dealer dealt Me In Life and Know that i won't be Denied or Stopped for what Destiny or Fate has for Me. It Has already been written, and it's in Gods hands where Me and This PimpnCat MUSIC goes from Here. If You Support me, Thank You, and with All the Praise. If You don't Thank You Also, And fuck You If You Hating..... I'm On My Grind.... Sincerely Yours, "PimpnCat".

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