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Bill C Da Don - Bigger Than Life @Billcdadon

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There was a time when the term “rapper” was an instant typecast. Artists who wore that name tag were expected to walk and talk a certain way and never conform to the status quo. But now, as music sheds definitions and genre lines continue to be erased, the climate is ripe for “rappers” to redefine that job title and make the world conform to them. Leading that change is, 6’11” William Perkins, better known by his stage name “Bill Da C Da Don,” a Hip-Hop giant earning his stripes in the music game. Hailing from St. Louis, MO this lyrically gifted artist is about to put his city back on the map. At 14, Bill C became serious about being an artist. He watched his older cousins manufacture and produce beats for years. After carefully watching and learning from his cousins, he decided he’d give it a try with some hand-me-down turntables given to him by his father, a tape recorder, and a mic. Bill C began rapping and singing over instrumentals directly onto the tape recorder. He linked up with a few neighborhood kids and started collaborating and producing tracks, which he then sold on the internet. It wasn’t long before everyone involved in the St. Louis music scene had heard of Bill C, the young mastermind from 702 Eastgate that was making big moves. The strategy of Bill C is to release methodical material as a tool to familiarize consumers with the name Bill C Da Don. With his lyrical flair Bill C displays his intelligence, verbal skill, and keen eye for social observation that is sure to make him a spokesman of the new hip-hop generation. Bill C's music has the creative flair and lyrical content that makes him a young mastermind. This, along with his songwriting abilities and creative wordplay allows him to prove that with perseverance and hard work you can move mountains.

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