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Hot Mezzz - Money Dance

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Born in Arkansas given away to the streets by my mother who was a prostitute music raised me.I loved women and clubs in a weird way it helps me escape.I have always been able to write songs and battle probably the only thing I am good at.Also it keeps me grounded and away from that cell that seems await us all who came up like me chasing that money the only thing that seems to make us happy.I seen people break out into dances when they receive money thus idea for this.I'm independent learning the ropes of this business with so many snakes in it its worst than the trap game.Looking for djs who feel they can break my record or even give me advice I got way more material and I'm even getting a buzz in the streets and clubs but it takes more so get at me and lets see.Oh the name is Hot Mess but I spell it Hot Mezzz name came from people who knew me sayin g I was always into trouble or in some turmoil like you a hot mezzz it just stuck...

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