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Dre Future - Tony/Bruce

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Dre Future AKA Future Man The Hip Hop Superhero is a futuristic style music artist/producer from Cincinnati, OH. Dre Future makes a unique style of music that he created himself called Superhero Hip Hop. He calls it that because of it's motivational and impactful lyrics, high energy feel, and hard hitting futuristic sounding beats which all combines to make POWERFUL POSITIVE music that ENTERTAINS as well as ENLIGHTENS. He is also CEO of Superhero Sound Studios and co-owner of F.S.W. a clothing company focused on positively impacting the world and making a difference through the expression of music and unique fashion styles to motivate positive action. Dre Future also co hosts a radio show based in Denver entitled The Geek-Hop Spot which plays underground Hip hop music from all around the world. What he ultimately looks to do is to incorporate different superhero elements in to music and fashion to help unlock minds and save lives while empowering today's youth to be more positive and super heroic in everything they do in their lives.

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