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ArrogantRios - You A Fluke

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Born Daniel Antonio Rios in Dallas, TX, he has adopted the name of AR (ArrogantRios) the shooting star.

Fully immersed into Hip-Hop music and the culture of Hip Hop early in his life, he feels it is deeply embedded in his soul. He understands that he has been given a special gift from the creator which he plans to use to uplift people’s spirits. He is a very versatile MC, moving into many different styles depending on the mood of the track that he is rapping to.

He has creativity and the intention of performing music with lyrics that bring about a positive change in his community. The lyrics that he writes touch on subject matter that effects the economically poor people around the world, which is something that he has always known, being raised in the system. The process of instilling confidence, belief, and self reliance in today’s youth has been a most rewarding experience for his spiritual and professional well being.

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Facebook: ArogantRios

Instagram @ ArogantRios

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