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Young K (Keith Gabbana) grew up in Dallas, TX it wasn't until he was 10 years of age before he realized he had talent for the music industry. What inspired him the most was to go to concerts and see others perform such as Yung Joc, T.I., Lil' Flip, Mike Jones, and many more. This really opened his eyes to see that he could possibly be doing the same thing as well. At the age of twelve he began writing songs he had enough tracks for a CD before people even started hearing about him! At the age of 15 years old he began free styling when he heard such artists as T.I, TUPAC, CHAMILLIONAIRE AND LIL' WAYNE. Before he knew it he was in the studio recording his first hit single "Get Like Me” which took a year to finally get it how he wanted for people to hear. This was his first main stream track that could actually go somewhere that wouldn't have to settle for just a mixtape.At school is where he mostly displayed his rhythm skills by freestyle and reciting lyrics that he had wrote.

People didn't really think he could make this dream possible that he had ,because he was different from what you would expect a rapper to come from he was born in the a rural area and resigned in the suburb area of Dallas, Texas. He started his hustle way before he ever though of rapping ,when he was just 14 he already had a job working in the well known bazaar in Dallas called BIG T .From there is where he picked up skills for selling clothes, which he still keep in his present time to launch his own independent clothing store right out of his house in which he did the same for his music he took myspace by storm letting people know right off the back he was coming in the music industry strong and wasn't stopping for anyone.

He started doing shows when he called local promoters and schools to see what events was going to be present in his area, and as soon as he found out about anything occurring he hopped on it quick asking to be in it. He tried what ever it took to get his name out there. With this process occurring he talked to local djs he knew about getting his songs played into the local clubs in town, it took a while for him to get them out there .but when he did he got exposed by all the people in his town! Currently unsigned but still getting heard he still stays focused on his music this very day. So put the mind with the hustle, and there you have it Young K himself!






(214)-563-2118 OR Youngk_21@yahoo.com

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