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L-Mo - Life After Death 3

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The self-proclaimed Mississippi Ceasar, Microphone Assasin, Louisiana–Mississippi Official, or simply L-Mo, no matter what you call him, LaVaughn Johnson is much more than a rapper, he’s a craftsman. Born into a family with two older siblings in a small town in Southwest Louisiana called DeRidder and raised throughout the southern and central parts of Mississippi, L-Mo had to learn to adapt to many different ways of life. He doesn’t have a story to tell about growing up in the ghetto and living in that environment his whole life but he has a story to tell nonetheless. His passion and love for the craft didn’t come about until he suffered the biggest lose of his life, his father. Finding comfort only through music and the love and support of his family, LaVaughn began expressing his feelings and emotions through his own music. Music quickly went from a hobby to a habit. At just 12 years old, L-Mo was known for holding his own against the older rappers in freestyle battles. While the other local rappers where hitting the studio to record, he and his god-brother, Swaq, would record on an old stereo while the music played in the background because they didn’t have the funds to record in a studio. At the beginning of his freshman year in college he turned down a football scholarship to pursue it full-time, and up on the beginning of his sophomore year he met The Godfather Mello-T, one of Mississippi’s legendary MC’s who first put L-Mo up on game about the rap game. L-Mo is one of the best MC from the South to ever grace a Microphone. Representing D.I.B. (Do It Big Click) his hometown based camp, and Cartel Commission his Mississippi based camp, L-Mo has gone from writing his own lyrics at the age of 12 to being able to not have to write at all. Never having a ghostwriter, Mo has been pushing out metaphors and punch lines since his start and considers it to be nothing new. He believes that music is all about having a connection with your listeners and getting them to relate to you and vice versa. There is no doubt that he brings a new breed of realness to the game and is slowly but surely on the rise.

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Contact: lmomusic2@gmail.com/ Ivory Kinard Cell: 662-910-0962 / Ivorykinard@yahoo.com / Elmer Johnson Cell: 601-316-7487

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