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Guest Exclusive Ave

Lil Wayne - SQ5 (double disk)


1.sqd 5 intro

2.one for weezy freestyle ft sqad

3.k gates interlude

4.what we do freestyle ft k gates

5.i am k gates freestyle

6.all i need is my niggs ft k gates

7.weezy baby baby baby freestyle

8.sqad check in

9.love of my life freestyle ft t streets

10.you gotta feel me ft t streets

11.young yo interlude

12.gimmie da light freestyle

13.this is the way we sqad ft j gutter

14.weezybaby interlude

15.every man wants a woman freestyle

16.are we cuttin freestyle ft raw dizzy

17.birdman jr interlude


19.all i know ft peanut raw dizzy

20.when the last ime freestyle ft nutt

1.sqad check in intro

2.work it freestyle

3.this my party freestyle ft sqad

4.react freestyle

5.interlude 1

6.sick of being lonely freestyle ft peanut

7.yall aint fuckin wit me

8.full mode freestyle ft. j gutter

9.waitin for lil weezy

10.interlude 2

11.ya ya ya ft nivea

12.bonnie and clyde freestyle

13.mixtape murda ft j gutter

14.throwback freestyle

15.interlude 3

16.the champions freestyle ft sqad

full mixtape: http://www.hyperlinkcash.com/link.php?r=6456902178b6911cd75ae362186b3840799063362812940

Lloyd Banks - Return of the PLK

293370549.jpeg 1724512345.jpeg

Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/6c11e661

Marsha Ambrosius - Yours Truly



full mixtape: http://www.hyperlinkcash.com/link.php?r=9014980763425f4be8c78d8cbfe9b2592777e9c61583330

Max B - Wavy off that Grand Cru


1. Jadakiss Feat. Max B - Be A G

2. Pop Champagne

3. Bom Bom Killa

4. Distrubed

5. F.E.D.S Taking Pictures

6. Freestyle

7. Were Do I Go

8. G'D Up

9. Chase U Home

10. A.S.A.P.

11. Blow Me A Dub

12. I Got

13. Niggas Done Started Something

14.. Watcha Gonna Do

15. I Don'T Wanna

16. Pop Bottles

17. Make It Hot

18. Let Em Go

19. I'M A Do Me

20. Live Comfortable

21. Tattoos On My Ass

22. Cake

23. Getting Dough

24. Bullshit

25. Freeky Girl

26. You Dont No

27. Why You Do That

28. No Answer

29. Call My Connect

30. Kiss Kiss

31. Duffle Bag

32. I'M The Nigga 2 Call

33. We Need It

34. Lip Singing

35. Need Some

36. Make It Happen

37. Millionaires

38. Hole In A Nigga

39. Dem Hoes

40. Sexy Love

41. Burry Me In My Guccis

Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/468a0841

Max B & French Montana - Cocaine Traffickin 2


01.VA - Coke Wave Interlude

02.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Dame Grease - We Run New York

03.French Montana - Why So Serious

04.French Montana - Whatever (Prod. by Dame Grease)

05.French Montana & Max B. - Halfway Thugs

06.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Tony Yayo - Do It Right

07.Max B. - Comin' Thru

08.Max B. - The Greatest

09.French Montana & Max B. - You Need Security

10.French Montana & Max B. - I Wasn't There

11.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Tony Yayo - Mr. 1258

12.French Montana & Max B. - Been Around The World

13.French Montana & Max B. - We Sippin' Grand Cru (Owwww!)

14.French Montana & Max B. - Disturb Money

15.French Montana - Feelings Aside

16.French Montana - What I Do

17.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Tony Yayo - Gang Life

18.French Montana Ft. Shortie Ol' Face - 17,000

19.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Al Pac - We Go So Hard

20.French Montana & Max B. Ft. Future - I Know...

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/2540e248

Max B & Stack Bundles - Street Soldiers


1.Max B,stack Bundles,dj Delz-Intro

2.Stack Bundles,max B-Burry Me In My Guccis

3.Stack Bundles,max B-Life Is Like A Movie

4.Stack Bundles,max B-Go With You

5.Stack Bundles,max B-Hold Me Down

6.Stack Bundles,max B-Do Bad By Myself

7.Stack Bundles,max B-Crunch Time

8.Stack Bundles,max B-Situations

9.Stack Bundles,max B-Grew Up A Screw Up

10.Stack Bundles,max B-I Fucks With You

11.Stack Bundles,max B-Tell Me Something I Dont Know

12.Stack Bundles,max B,dj Delz-New York Minute 2

13.Stack Bundles,max B-Oh Baby

14.Stack Bunles,max B-Blasphemy

15.Stack Bundles,max B-Cold Rockin It

16.Stack Bundles,max B-Your Majesty

17.Stack Bundles,max B-Whenever Im Around

18.Stack Bundles,max B-We Gets Wavy

19.Max B-Ressesion

20.Stack Bundles-Circulate

21.Max B-Cake & Eat It Too

22.Stack Bundles-Hustlers Song

23.Max B-Bad Whiskey

24.Stack Bundles-Im A G

25.Max B-Try Me

26.Stack Bundles-Stacks In Order

27.Max B-Tattoo

28.Stack Bundles-Move Them Things

29.Max B-The Greatest

Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/33a5627b

Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 1

117565388.jpeg 888580339.jpeg

Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/6b97ce87

Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 2



Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/368ddd67

Ransom - Pain & Glory 2



Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/bb0b31a8

Red Cafe - Eviction Notice

1974080495.jpeg 1393937184.jpeg

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/6ccded6b

Serius Jones - Serius Bizness

1271837694.jpeg 1946967715.jpeg

Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/048c3996

The Game - LAX Leftovers



full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/f5c63566

Tony Yayo - Black Friday



full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/10d67323

Torch - Ski Mask Music Vol. 1

1347530634.jpeg 947218194.jpeg

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/4848f605

Uncle Murda - Back on my Bullshit



Click Here to download Track by Track

full mixtape: http://www.qvvo.com/link/85265a0a

Young Dro & Yung LA - Black Boy White Boy


1. Intro

2. Take Off

3. Ain

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