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Flawliss Flows - Grind 2

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Flawliss Flows, born july 14, 1988 in Atlanta, Ga was introduced to music at a very young age, but didn’t discover his talent until about the age of 12 while making up funny freestyles in his best friends garage to a small $15.00 radio! It was all fun and games at that time. By 16 years young he recorded his first single entitled “snap song” (which was the movement at that time) and he also produced the track, mentored and taught by kieth Thomas and rod aka ricochet, (members of the clergy records) flawliss was taught how to express his emotions and be himself instead of being the majority which is why now he has a sound completely different from anyone in the music business and is a very loveable style at that.

Flawliss Flows signed to his first independent record label in 09 and released his first album entitled “ Thomas road” which was named after his neighborhood in clayton county ga, unfortunately the label didn’t have the money or pull to push the music like it should have but flawliss’s myspace page at the time quickly bursted to 10,000 play’s in 2 weeks on his own and the help of his new manager mr.fred cross. Flawliss also has done alot of underground radio shows to promote his music, he has performed in front of young jeezy’s camp in front of hundreds of people, and akons camp in front of thousands of people and performed with the swagger and confidence of a mainstream artist, and also works twice as hard.

Flawliss Flows is a genuine hard working artist, loves criticism and is very easy to work with. With the struggle’s and hard time’s he has been through he remains to be an outstanding person who never complains and appreciates every opportunity presented to him. Flawliss is very loyal and humble, which is why his new mixtape entitled “mixtape my way” is being given away for free, even though money was spent on the 1000 copies that were ordered because flawliss believes in work before recognition, and his new single “get it” produced by king pin beats has made it onto the “young money” unsign hype mixtape vol 1 and is now played every Tuesday and Wednesday on 993x.com radio, and is currently #3 on there countdown. With the help and motivation of a record label behind his name he is garunteed to become the #1 artist in the world. Because of his different artistry and powerful voice, it wouldn’t be too may people who wouldn’t appreciate the taste and brand of music released by Flawliss flows!! as of late july flawliss has now finished a new album "flawliss evolution" and is now on sale in his store on revebnation.com, flawliss flows has also featured on the young money unsign hype mixtape vol 1, he has featured on an underground radio show called ill it or kill it on k-100 radio and was put thru to the next round with 7 ills and only 3 kills, flawliss is also working on a new mixtape fully produced by himself and featuring various artist, this list will continue for this guy so stay tuned!

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