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Young Gii Ft. Don Cannon - Champagne Campaign

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Fresh on the scene as a solo rapper, Young Gii continues to make a mark for himself. The Bahamian-born artist moved to Chicago at the age of 17. It wasn’t long after that he began to call the windy city his “home” as he decided to embark on the journey towards a career in hip-hop.

Young Gii prides himself on his diverse style. From commercial to street, he tackles various hip-hop styles with ease. Young Gii sets himself apart with his dynamic stage presence. He prides himself on reaching his audience through powerful lyrics that touch on sensitive, yet real issues he believes his generation is faced with.

Formerly a member of the dynamic hip-hop duo, 2Fresh, Young Gii is now focused on progressing as a solo artist. While often compared to the styles and sounds of T.I. and Lil Wayne, Young Gii draws his musical and professional inspiration from legendary artists such as 50 Cent, Jay Z, and P. Diddy.

The unmarked artist recently released his first solo project, “I’m So Ill” mix-tape. Energized by the overwhelming positive response on his debut project, he has recently released another mix-tape, “Step Into My World,” on Novemeber 22nd. This five song EP shows his diverse flows and debuts his vocal ability.

He is also set to drop another mix-tape on January 13, 2012 called "I am Young Gii, with notable Dj Don Cannon. He was recently featured on G-Spot radio and has three upcoming projects set to drop in early March 2012, including a mix-tape, "Up in Smoke.” “It’s humbling to be able to use my talent in such a way that really relates to the ears of my listeners.” –Young Gii

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Download Young Gii - Champagne Campaign Clean

Download Young Gii - Champagne Campaign Dirty

Download Young Gii Ft. Don Cannon - Champagne Campaign Dirty

Contact: a.i@iamyounggii.com / franky@iamyounggii.com / bri.j.gat@gmail.com

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