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Coogi Doogi - Da Movement

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It all started on the 8th of June and the year of 1990. My mother named me William Jones, but as of today the world knows me as Coogi Doogi. The way I got that name wasn’t an easy road. I was born in the east area of Chattanooga, TN in the Harriet Tubman Projects, also known as Boone Heights. I grew up to a single mother with 3 brothers and 1 sister. My dad really wasn’t here for me so I had to learn how to be a man without him. I was brought up to never make up excuses. Coming up in Boone Heights it wasn’t easy to make it out. In order to make it out you either had to become a drug dealer, play a sport, or become a rapper. As I grew up I saw my mother struggle with diabetes and paying bills. My oldest brother stepped up and helped out and played the father role. As I grew up I wanted more than what I had for example, everybody was wearing Coogi clothes and Jordan shoes, and that’s what I wanted. So I started making money with the little summer jobs I had and started buying all the coogi I wanted. I started to shine when I stepped out. It was the summer of 2009 when I started to rap. I wasn’t always a rapper, but I was tired of seeing my mother struggle. I worked and worked so I can get better at rapping. People downed me by saying things like “I wasn’t gone be shit.” Told me all my lyrics were lame, but that was just fuel to my fire. The only person that really believed in my rapping was my C.E.O., Dez G. Later on in the summer of 2009 we made the rap group called “All About Da Gwopp Boys” & later on shortened it to “Gwopp Squad Ent.” When we made this group the whole Chattanooga wanted to be part of our entertainment group. We threw parties; I’m talking about stupid crunk parties. I was making at least $1200 profit per party. The whole Chatt knew who Gwopp was. People hated us because everywhere we go, everybody else wanted to follow. We got groupies all over the city. We performed our songs at parties and concerts. Next we had our ringtones playing on every side of town. Our group had so many people, the police force consider us as a gang! I’m a superstar in my city and my lyrics only getting better. Now everywhere I go people want a feature. A lot of people want to beef and talk about the squad just because we was getting money and shitting on the city. We already made a statement in our city, Chattanooga, TN. Now is time to show the world our talent and add a little of our swagg and style to the rap game. Gwopp Squad WE UP NEXT!!! -Gwopper Doogi

Download Coogi Doogi - Da Movement Main

Contact: twentyrod@gmail.com

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