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Found 4 results

  1. Ramrock Red Records are incredibly excited to present Kameelah Waheed – straight outta New Jersey. Brought to our attention by London DJ/promoter, Barry King, Kameelah immediately delighted us with her direct, no messin’ delivery, compelling, earworm hooks and beautifully crafted lyrics. Teaming up with Kelly Murray on co-production on the ‘Original Version’, Kameelah unleashes a stripped back, jazzy hip-hop vibe punctuated with a Donald Byrd’ish trumpet riff. Remix don, Ashley Beedle + the North Street gang take the Donald Byrd flavour a step further with a full on nod to the Mizzell Brothers in the first North Street West dusty funk production. Releasing digitally around April 24th as a five track EP with a further 7” vinyl release around May/June, ‘Holding On’ is set to tick a lot of musical heads boxes. IG: @kameelahwaheed/@ramrockrecords Twitter: @kameelahwaheed/@ramrockrecords Purchase link: https://ramrock.bandcamp.com/album/kameelah-waheed-holding-on-ep Kameelah Waheed - Holding On (Original Mix - North Street West Remaster).mp3 Kameelah Waheed - Holding On (North Street West Vocal Remix).mp3
  2. DOPE ARTIST ON MY SITE, PLZ LISTEN, LIKE, N SHARE Follow @SWIFTKIDDOTCOM on twitter! SwiftKID - Poppin Junk(emceez).mp3 SwiftKID - Snack Food.mp3
  3. VinLa'Infinite (Vin-La-In-Fin-Knit) Bushido Brown Prod. By VinLa'infinite LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @vintherebel New Jersey’s VinLa’Infinite brings an out of this world style with him. Vin takes an eerie sounding track that sounds like a warning on a space shuttle and flows effortlessly over it, dropping aggressive flows and punchlines to keep you entertained. Links: https://soundcloud.com/lainfinite/bushido-brown https://www.facebook.com/vinlainfinite https://twitter.com/vintherebel www.theinfinitesound.com/
  4. Marcus Ariah WAR LISTEN/DOWNLOAD HERE @MarcusAriah Marcus Ariah is hailing from Essex County, New Jersey, new to the scene, on a come-up. Check out other songs at https://soundcloud.com/marcusariah Twitter: MarcusAriah Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcus-Ariah/259181177478342?ref=hl
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