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Music Promotion

Choose a package to activate your Record Pool membership & promotion!

  • Enjoy limitless access to the worlds largest DJ Network!
  • The best way since 2007 to get guaranteed DJ Spins & Feedback worldwide!
  • Upload unlimited music with full access to the DJ Record Pool where you can interact with thousands of DJs, curators & labels anytime!

5 packages

  1. $19.99

    Share unlimited music with thousands of DJs, Radio Stations & Playlists!

    (Apple Music, Spotify, mp3 & More)

    You may include your cover art, social networks and contact information for your releases. This is the best way to market your music and stay in close contact with DJs, Playlists, Record Labels, A&Rs, Radio Stations & More!

    • Enjoy access to the worlds largest Music Industry Network!
    • Unlimited feedback posts in the DJ Record Pool!
  2. $149.99

    📌🔥 Sends your music to 80,000+ and pins your post to the top of the DJ Pool!

    Includes Unlimited Uploads
    Includes 1 Week E-Blast campaign - Reach every DJ! 

    Distribute your release to our entire database of DJs, Curators & More (80k+)
    Guaranteed plays & feedback!

  3. $249.99

    📌🔥 Publish your music on the Front Page!

    Includes Unlimited Uploads & (2) E-Blasts.
    Includes 1 Front Page Feature.
    Includes 2 Week E-Blast Campaign - Hammer your singles to all DJs!
    Be seen and connect with the Music Industry directly!

  4. $349.99

    📌🔥 Hammer your music into the industry! Send your singles, links and/or videos to all MAJOR DJS & MUSIC INDUSTRY CONTACTS!

    Includes Unlimited Uploads(4) E-Blasts, Front Page Features.
    Includes 1 Front Page Feature.
    Includes 4 Week E-Blast Campaign.
    Enjoy heavy promotion at a superb discount!

  5. $799.99

    📌🔥 Service your music daily via the #1 Online DJ Network! Use our marketing techniques to produce and/or increase your artist awareness! Achieving guaranteed plays & feedback everyday!

    Includes Unlimited Uploads(5) E-Blasts, Front Page Features and Full Services.
    Includes Daily Growth Campaign: Reach 500M+ Daily Active Users by using this package to create, target and launch a campaign featuring your content. Recommending your content to the most popular audiences across top industry platforms.
    Includes 5 Week E-Blast Campaign.
    Jump start your project to the masses!

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