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    I grind... if you dont believe me... then you don't know me. So get to know me.
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    Learning the most I can about dj-ing and making/playing good music, working with sserious artists
  1. Definitely will be checking the feedback on this song in the club!!! Make sure to check out the new songs from Smooth D of Emortul Ent as well - http://www.greenhitz.com/forums/hip-hop-rap-singles/51941-new-song-smooth-d-emortul-ent-chick-wit-job.html
  2. Tried to go to the links but they say the song is no longer available. Please send to music4kuwn@yahoo.com. Thankx
  3. INTRO TO SMOOTH D (EMORTUL ENT) How many writing, rapping, singing, producing C.E.O.‟s do you know? There is only one entertainer who can truly - do it all. Smooth D. is a multi-talented individual who brings a new form of energy and life to the music industry. With his life-related songs and his emotion-filled raps, the "C.E.O." seems to display his whole personality and image through his music. Being versatile with his rhyming styles and using different production techniques, "D" puts an end to the stereotypes that southern entertainers can
  4. The song is definitely another hit.... Anybody got the instrumental to this one??
  5. Thankx for the post bro...
  6. They jammin the song out here in Dallas, but anybody got a copy of the clean version to this???
  7. Been playing the song for months... glad to finally get the different versions... tell Kel and the RichMind fam I said what up.....
  8. You ain't lieing about that one bro.....
  9. Hey, what events do you do that you play for kids??
  10. Didn't get a chance to play it Thursday... we had too many artists trying to hit the stage... but I have an event coming up around 7p and it's more of a party, so Im going to play it there... I just put it i down on my playlist to make sure I play it... We should hook up some business if you are out that way in Mississippi and make something happen.... also, I will be back up at the other venue on Thursday again.... thankx for checking out the song from Madame Ice... I will pass them the word.... look for my response to you about the song sometime Monday... Im a let everyobdy chill 2morrow with it being Mother's Day.... Hotep(peace)
  11. Fa sho... I got fam out there in Marks & Clarksdale & Batesville which is just west of Memphis... I will try to play the song tonite... dj-ing at an open mic/ladies night event out here..... when you get a chance, check out this female artist from out here in Dallas... She has been winning alot of contests and getting good response with a song called MY BOYFRIEND... I been trying to network with some other djs in other areas for some of the artists that are actually taking care of business out here: www.MadameIce.BandCamp.com Let me know what you think bro....
  12. Anyone have the INSTRUMENTAL to the IM SINGLE track by LIL WAYNE... I tried to go to the link and it was just acting up.... whoever has it, please email to me: info4kuwn@yahoo.com Thankx
  13. Thankx for posting the instrumental bro.....
  14. What part of Mississippi is Young Black G B from??? I will play the song for a few people out here in Dallas/Ft.Worth and see what kind of feedback I get...
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