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  1. Adobe Audition 3.0.exe - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download
  2. _Adobe_Audition_3.0.zip download for free on file share letitbit.net
  3. Are you people stupid or something??? It's not some magically encoded DRM on the CDs... X-Mix is intentionally leaking bad copies of their issues onto the internet. This is an old trick that dates back to the days of LimeWire. The idea is to annoy and frustrate people who illegally download their shit, in hope of getting you to stop. X-mix is well aware of what is happening on the internet. When they leak these bad copies, they give them file names that include the names of your trusted sources such as Atrium, etc. They are hoping that people will get sick of not being able to tell the good stuff from the bad stuff and just quit pirating their issues.
  4. Mp3dog

    Wicked Mix

    Wow, they really ruined a lot of the classics with those awful remixes. Also, as someone who grew up in Miami in the "Miami Bass" era, I can assure you that half of these songs don't even qualify as "Miami Bass Classics". There are a few hits here, mixed in with a bunch of obscure "fillers" that nobody has ever heard of.
  5. Mp3dog

    Wicked Mix

    Somebody PLEASE re-up this one!!! Thanks!!
  6. Mp3dog

    Wicked Mix

    PLEASE re-up this one!!!
  7. So Select Mix is selling a re-release of a Hot Tracks box set... Interesting.
  8. Is it hot classics, or select mix????? It can't be both. Those are 2 different companies (hot classics was from hot tracks)
  9. Nice blog, but the top banner could use some improvement : )
  10. 14 parts - holy crap!! I wish this was on Rapidshare
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