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  1. The Hottest Club Banger of the year! http://hulkshare.com/ydtcf4ayrtfd
  2. His mixtape comes out lat3r this year called The One, and album next year.
  3. The remix is with a well known rapper.
  4. I hear this may be his second single.
  5. What songs in full are you talkin bout? The only 1 i have in full is "Woman".
  6. Have yall heard his single "Choozn", thats another banger.
  7. Give me a couple more days, i should have the full version.
  8. I wish his reps will send me the full length....it goes in.
  9. LimeLinx - Preview - Tariq Starr - Woman (Prod. by Polow Da Don).mp3
  10. LimeLinx - Preview - Tariq Starr - Boyfriend (PROD. BY Dr. Luke).mp3
  11. Download Tariq Starr's 1st Single "Chooz'n" off the "The One" coming fall 2010: LimeLinx - Preview - TARIQ STARR - CHOOZ'N.mp3 HOOOOOOOOOOOT!
  12. The video is hot but the song is kinda blah. Its quite different though.
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