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  1. Appreciate whatever you care to send, DJ Skeptik DJSkeptik@live.com
  2. R.E.E.O. mix are all free always downloaded from they're site R.E.E.O Mix - Brazilian Remix Service
  3. I don't have much, but there are a few gems in here zSHARE - xmas.rar
  4. DieselD = my hero seriously though, I hadn't heard of some of these remix companies, and look forward to checking them out. Many thanks to you.
  5. yea all his links been working fine, using JDownloader to get them all. Just very slow and need to type in caption for every pack. Been at it two days and not halfway through yet lol. I'm as patient as I am grateful though.
  6. many thanks to you for these and the other similar threads you put here and @ tjs
  7. Thanks, I've been a fan of his mixes.
  8. R.E.E.O. mix is always free downloadable at R.E.E.O Mix - Brazilian Remix Service
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