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  1. On behalf of Jim Radical, I'd like to introduce you to her brand new anthem, BIG. Below are the files and Links for the single along with other information. The song is officially out from the 9th May 2024. Feel free to play/share the track and media on your radio stations, DJ sets and media platforms. We are kindly requesting that if you choose to post anything on social media, whether image or video, that you tag Jim Radical and DJ Shunz and all featured artists in the post, allowing it to be shared further. (Relevant tags for Jim Radical are @Jim Radical on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and @Jim Radical7 on Twitter. Jim Radical is also currently accepting bookings for events, interviews and features. Please contact jimradicalmusic@gmail.com should you wish to enquire further. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to connecting with you soon. Files Below Release date: 9th May 2024 Listen here: Jim Radical - BIG (slinky.to) ISRC codes: QZGXC2400347 PRS CAE/IPI: 1116516683 Kind regards, Jim Radical Admin Team BIG - DJ Shunz x Jim Radical.mp3
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