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    Biography Yung Cutta is an urban music power producer from Austin Texas. His skill set not only includes production, but engineering, song writing, rapping, promotion, graphic design, studio facilitation , sound programming, DJing, mixing, remixing and sampling. With long standing experience in the field of music, Yung Cutta is better characterized as an Entertainer above all other titles. To date, this beat master's production roster includes tracks with Casino, Gerald G, Lil' A, Staci Russell, Hood Life Ent, Tje Austin, Katalyst, Mentally Twisted Records, Philliez Beats, Y2JJ, Mash Entertainment, Yung Dru, Phorrkast, AL.G, T-Bro, Yung O, Cahmodity, Moselle Smith, Myzary, Hot 93.3 FM. In 2002, Cutta, under the name "Hypnotyk" began production with the amazing power vocalist by the name of Staci Russell. Working together at a young age they released two tracks under Ms. Russell's former name of Chyna Dee. The tracks were titled "Quit Playin" and "Touch Your Body," in which the latter was comprised of a song by a popular Algerian singer Warda, singing "Bitwannes Beek." Working with Staci Russell has provided opportunity for both of the artists to create and expand alliances in Austin for the development of a richer music scene. In 2007, Yung Cutta's beats were played for several months as backdrop music for Audtin radio station Hot 93.3 FM. Fellow Austin artist's Katalyst and Tje Austin were able to perform Cutta produced tracks many times both with tracks together and separate. Late 2007, Yung Cutta began production on his debut album "C.R.E.A.M" which released in march of 2008 on the streets, in local shops, and online through outlets such as iTunes. It featured tracks such as "Regulators of the ATX," featuring a sample of Warren G's "Regulate" and also features the songs "Hey You" and "Take Yo Shirt Off." Cash Rules Everything Around Me was executively produced entirely by Cutta himself from the audio production to the design of the product. With this project it has been demonstrated his drive for leadership and determination to construct a project from start to finish. The year of 2008 didn't end with the release of "C.R.E.A.M." The ambitious Cutta took place in the 2008 SXSW (South by South West) interactive film and music festival, which allowed the marketing of his current album to prove him to be a person of interest in Austin Texas with many CD sales and a strong demand for production. The phenomenal sounds of Cutta's beats kept banging throughout the year when he landed production on the album "2000HATE" by Casino, and the DJ Curren$y (Dollaz-N-Since) mixtape "Boss Of The Streets." Cutta provided his flavor on the track "Up & Down (Wonder Woman Lasso)" by Cahmodity for his album "Up Top 2 Down Bottom." The track "Pack My Bags," A breakthrough single performed by Staci Russell, was featured on the mixtape "ATX All Stars: Vol 1." and was also played on several stations locally. In the late summer he also had the opportunity to produce and feature on a remix of Mariah Carey's smash hit "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time," which was submitted to Mariah's label through a competition, however the track was not chosen as the competition's winner. It is evident that Cutta is determined to succeed in his passion of music. His long term business goals include endeavors that not only encompass entertainment, but in addition include communication, broadcast, fashion, civil engineering, humanitarian services. Ushering in a new era of urban music,Yung Cutta will be a staple in the hip-hop community.
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    Auto-Tune, Digidesign, Pro Tools, M-Audio, KORG, Producing, Music Moog synthesizer, Keyboard, Piano,
  1. Yung Cutta "Rock The Party" A blend between whats currently hot in hip-hop/r&b/pop All Production and Vocals by: Yung Cutta Rock The Party: Full CDS Link: http://www.worksessions.com/songs/view.cgi?id=1286072353
  2. wait til ya see the music video ;-)
  3. New track from Yung Cutta titled "Wet" - this is going to be a summer 2011 track ! let me know what you think Wet - Song by Yung Cutta @HotNewHipHop.com
  4. hmm i wonder why. network was probably overloaded - they are usually good with speed. but the tracks are on the limelinx site as well
  5. LimeLinx - Preview - Staci_Russell-Ay_Yo_(FULL_CDS)-YCM.rar
  6. FULL CDS IS NOW AVAILABLE: LimeLinx - Preview - Staci_Russell-Ay_Yo_(FULL_CDS)-YCM.rar and also on worksessions: http://www.worksessions.com/songs/view.cgi?id=1286071130
  7. Full CDS including clean version will be available first week of April ! Stay Tuned !
  8. Damn this song is bout a year or more old why erbody jus now playin it
  9. New track from Austin TX's Staci Russell "Ay Yo" (Prod By Yung Cutta) Ay Yo (Prod By Yung Cutta) - Song by Staci Russell @HotNewHipHop.com
  10. You can find the full CD Single on worksessions.com (The signup for the site is free but requires validation) - WorkSessions Record Pool - Songs: Yung Cutta - Dem Jeans (ft Staci Russell & Myzary) you can also download the clean version with no signup on hotnewhiphop.com Dem Jeans (Clean) - Song by Yung Cutta @HotNewHipHop.com
  11. Brand New Track "HOW U GONNA?" From Yung Cutta "How U Gonna?" http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/play/s/5e83011-57461/
  12. I am selling my beats for $80 limited time only... they normally are $150+ but I have them ALL at $80 RIGHT NOW... this promotion wont last long , and can end at anytime so hurry and get your beats NOW. Preview them at : SoundClick artist: Yung Cutta Music - PRODUCER FROM AUSTIN TEXAS
  13. BRAND NEW MUSIC from Rallo Featuring & Produced by Yung Cutta. The song is called "On My Mind" and is now available for request and play nationwide on your local Clear Channel Radio Station! Leave feedback Main Version: LimeLinx - Preview - 01-Rallo Ft Yung Cutta - On My Mind (Main).mp3 CDS: LimeLinx - Preview - Rallo Ft Yung Cutta - On My Mind (CDS).zip Extended Super Clean Radio Version: LimeLinx - Preview - Rallo Ft Yung Cutta - On My Mind (Radio Extended).mp3 ________________ In The Austin Area ?? Request this song on The Beat 102.3 by calling 512-390-1023 or goto http://www.thebeatatx.com Not In Austin but still want to request this song ? No Problem! Contact your local station and tell them to go here: http://www.iheartradio.com/new2/artists/i/282538?psid=410638
  14. thanks homie I appreciate it soo much! let them know to hit me on twitter : Yung Cutta [[beat$]] (yungcutta) on Twitter This song opens the door to hosting "Dem Jeans" contests ; in which I give you permission to run, as long as the track is played with it. Also , if you can get pictures and youtube videos of people going nutz to the track ,that would be great !! one again thanks!!
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