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    As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, G’sta is grateful to have the opportunity today. He lost everything and had to interrupt a busy tour schedule and non-stop work in the music industry to reconnect with family. Nevertheless, he did not view it as a setback but a chance to draw on his strength. The rebuilding process for the young producer took some time but was successfully accomplished once relocating to Houston, Texas. Now safe and stable, he focused on resuming his musical career. G’sta is happy to promote his own creativity thanks to working with such producers as Swizz Beats, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, the great lady Afeni Shakur and many others who have given him great energy through this triumph. G’sta is a part of the next generation of talented artists who have put New Orleans back on the map. G’sta will become one of the city’s legends.
    G’sta has always maintained an executive level of professionalism throughout his various projects and as a result founded SoStimulus Entertainment and Productions in June 2000. In addition to working with Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, “SoStimulus” is the brains behind the grand launch of the next generation of Mo’ Thugz’ artists better known as the “Mighty Mo Thugz Family”. In the same year “So Stimulus” released the underground album, “Certified Hustlaz” with the late B-Red and Casual T.
    G’sta has the stamp of a real top gun: Layzie Bone of multi-platinum selling and chart topping group Bone Thugz-N-Harmony. Layzie’s belief in G’sta was so strong that he recorded the debut album alongside G’sta while simultaneously recording the New Bone Thugz-N-Harmony album, “Interscope” until both the debut and sophmore G’sta albums were complete.
    G’sta’s debut album, “Misery” (released 1997), was recorded with the anticipation of both the return of Bone Thugz-N-Harmony and the grand launch of the next generation of Mo’ Thugz artists as part of the family (Mighty Mo’ Thugz). Collaboration with Casual T brought forth G’sta’s sophomore album, “World of Syn” (released 1998). In 2001, a second solo effort produced “This Is What I Go Through”. An unreleased album, “World of Syn 2” was completed in 2005. In 2008, G’sta and Layzie Bone collaborated for the album, “We Workin”, digitally released in 2009 through iGrooves. May of 2010 brought big things for G’sta as his hard work continued paying off with first release of a soon to be trilogy of Mixtapes beginning with “The Walking Classic Mixtape Volume 1”.
    G’sta’s talent proves to be extremely versatile and unlimited. In 1999, along with R&B production with the R&B group, ELATE he provided the movie soundtrack and score for, “Strait Jacket” (released 2000). In 2001 G’sta collaborated with the award winning blues artist Carl Marshall on the single, “All the Big Shots Been Shot”. The year 2002 brought the NBA fight song, “Get Ta’ Buzzin’ for the “New Orleans Hornets” by G’sta and Casual T. G’sta’s work continues as he produces tracks for B.G. aka B. Gizzle for Chopper City Records/Koch Records in 2004. While working alongside Afeni Shakur in 2005, he lent his talent to Tupac Shakur’s Poetry Album, “The Rose 2”. Also in 2005, G’sta produced the track “Power of Smile” for Bone Thugz-N-Harmony. In 2006, G’sta worked alongside popular talents such as Swizz Beats and Neo the Matrix on Bone Thugz-N-Harmony’s Interscope Records’ album release, “Strength & Loyalty” with J Records recording Artist, Cassidy. Another collaboration with Carl Marshall followed in 2007, “This Is For Grown Folks”. More production work came for G’sta in 2009 for Carl Marshall on his album, “Look Good for you” which went on to win the “Soul and Blues” award. G’sta contributed voice over and music tracks for numerous clients and the nationwide company, Veggie Pals in 2009. G’sta reunited with Carl Marshall yet again in 2010 to provide production work for his “Love Who You Wanna Love” album.
    In addition to numerous ongoing tours with Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, G’sta has a long list of performances in the Hip Hop scene. Namely in 2005, G’sta headlined the Atlantis Music Summit working with such artists as The Outlawz, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, Fish Scales of Nappy Roots, David Banner and others. G’sta continues his many more tours, performances and appearances to date. Noteworthy in 2010, G’sta was featured in Carl Marshall’s “Good Lovin’ Will Make You Cry” tour on the single, “Tryin’ To Get My Groove On”. Also, he performed at the “Texas Urban Music Summit” and “Core of DJ’s Block Party”. G’sta’s guest appearance at “Jet Lounge” with Mo’ Thugz proved to be a crowd pleaser.
    G’sta’s creativity is unending and he always has other projects in progress. “Classic Status” is scheduled for release in Summer 2014. Previous releases include “Blood Sweat & Redemption – The Chronicles of G’sta” in 2011 and a trilogy of Mixtapes entitled “The Walking Classic” Vol. 1 (2010), Vol. 2 (The 90’s Edition) (2011) and Vol. 3 (Classic Status Edition) (2013). Since G’sta is always dedicated to bringing new and up-to-date music, please stay tuned and visit the official website www.sostimulusent.com for ongoing updates.

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