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    From Oklahoma City, Y.S is an independent artist with much talent. Born Tiyrell Larkins in Elyria, Ohio on February 24,1992.He then moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where he spent his first twelve years of childhood. Around the age of eight he grew very fond of the hip hop/rap music he listened to on the radio daily. This is also the time he wrote his first rhyme to perform in an after school program talent show."The main artists I listened to back then we're the Hot Boys. I imitated everything they did because it looked so cool to me. So me rapping for the first time was not me discovering that I had this talent but just a kid mimicking a personality that he sees on tv or hears on the radio." At first it began as four bar verses and short hooks. But soon it became full sixteen bars with a little more understanding of his lyrical ability and what it means to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper. By the time he was thirteen after moving to Oklahoma City the previous year he was writing full songs. At age 15 he recorded in the studio for the first time. Soon after he joined another local artist to form the rap duo group Main Focus. The group lasted about 8 months but released an album titled "Focused" in the process. After the split he went solo and met a young hot producer by the name of Lavirgis "Mr.Sylk" Stephens who was a new student at his high school. They began working together in 2007 and still since then. Y.S released a project titled "Too Real 4 Radio" 1.5 the prequel to “Too Real 4 Radio” which was released spring of 2013 ... He joined forces with the Top Notch Grind(TNG) family of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma fall of 2011... As of 2015 Y.S has relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. Recently releasing his latest projects titled "Working Project", "No More Excuses", "....And This Is Just A Mixtape", and "Until Then... Here You Go" available now on all streaming and downloading platforms!!! Alongside releasing a few singles titled " On The Low ft. Roey Norwood", "No Effort", and the latest "Big Dawg ft. Trapboi Manikin". All Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc. New project "Coming Soon"!! The Story Continues...

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