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  1. track is smokin hot..... and and and KANE on the BEAT!!!!!
  2. Just heard this on v103 in atlanta........it won't be long before hot starts spinning it. This is going to be the biggest song of the summer. ATL SLIM approved!!!!!!! KA-BOOM!!!!!!
  3. djbdawg why don't you put some get away boyz music on your next mixtape, I got some exclusives.......... where should I send them??
  4. I see why this is the HOTTEST thread on GREENHITZ........this is the numba one song of the summer, GOES HARD!!!!!! KANE DOES IT AGAIN
  5. Mane the STRINGS on this track are CRAZY......... Kane is a FOOL on the BEATS....this track even slaps harder than STEADY MOBBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Say HELLO to they New manager HOMIE.......... I wish you well in the future
  7. This SLAPS, if you like this you will love DEM GET-A-WAY BOYZ I have attached three tracks. Get up is eating up the streets of Atlanta check the BDS spins. I just leaked birthday and video for whatever I want in on world star. DEM Get-A-WAY BOYZ 2010 DJ's go in!!!!
  8. Ralph and DEM GEt-A-WAY boyz need a labo, that would take over atlanta. DEM GET-A-WAY boyz have a song in heavy rotation right about now in the atl called get up. Check it out, the ladies go nutz when I play in at the lounges I spin at.
  9. Bread Brother def Hot.........They should get with DEM Get-A-WAY Boyz for a LABO. CHeck out some of DEM GET-A-WAY Boyz music attached, if you like you should get with them for a LABO and push it in atlanta
  10. It's ok TI is getting kinda grown in the Game.... check out DEM Get-A-WAY Boyz for the younger crowd
  11. When Miss B and DEM GEt-A-WAY boyz gonna do a labo...... That Get Up is on FIYA in ATLANTA right about now. KANE ON THE BEATZ
  12. This that gangsta....this and GET UP by DEm Get-A-WAY boyz will be the two biggest songs this summer. I know a hit when I hear one aand this SLAPS!!!!!
  13. Man if it was not for dem get-a-way boyz lamont would not even have a group, and he can't even get them a deal or a video, man If I had Dem Get-A-Way boys they would be on top right now, if ya'll want a real manager come holla at me cause ya'll a hot group ya'll should be running the atl right about now
  14. It's not Get Up, but its hot for the ladies.........Dem Get-A-Way Boyz doing they thing.....I'll spin it tonight
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