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  1. G-LIFE MUSIC BRINGS U THEY'RE HOT NEW JOINT "DOPE DICK". THE BEST KEPT SECRET ON THE EAST SIDE OF HOUSTON!!! Dirty: LimeLinx - Preview - G-Life_Music_-_Dope_D____(Dirty).mp3 Clean: Dope D___ (Clean).mp3 Acapella: 04 Dope D___ (Acapella).mp3 ______________________________________ FOLLOW GLIFE MUSIC TWITTER.COM/GLIFEMUSIC WATCH THEIR VIDEOS YOUTUBE.COM/LISTEN2MYMOVIE
  2. As promised, Harry G aka G Narley mixtape"UP IN SMOKE" is here live and in effect! Straight from Houston, TX, take a ride with the pilot on a Narley trip threw the Tippi streets of the EAST SIDE. Passing haters, chunk'n the deuce at the shakers, pullin boppers, smoking the best, DJ-Ahines chopping the set, Freak P hosting the shit, its just a day in the life of the rap native. 1/3 of G-life Music, this is Narley's first individual mixtape drop with the group in the last 4 years. Long awaited and highly anticipated there are no let downs on "UP IN SMOKE". Known for his freestyle ability it wouldn't be rite if we didn't hit you wit a real flow off the CD [bELOW] and the first single. So grab ya lighter, sit back and vibe with the kid. ITS A MOVEMENT! #THEPEPPERZOO STAMPED AND APPROVED #TIPPI DOWNLOAD LINK: Up N Smoke "The Mixtape".zip VIDEO:
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