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  1. sounds better than fnf, she showcasing some talents here
  2. MatiHype

    Giveon - For Tonight

    quit surprise to find this track here, felt it the first time I heard it, good music.
  3. lil Duval bringin some dope cookout tracks for the summer, big sexy thing is hot too.
  4. guess she aint stopping any time soon. dope production.
  5. great music, congrats to them on winning that grammy.
  6. something about the track and production, sounds so different than your reg trap joint.
  7. I like the Peter gun sample on this one, a must play.
  8. like the track arrangement, deff a party starter.
  9. the joint goes hard, kinda feeling 42 dugg
  10. put future on it and you are guaranteed a hit. nice track.
  11. been one of my top 5 rappers still.
  12. good track to throw while on that city gal set.
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