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  1. I agree with what your saying. If he had a feature on this song it would be much better. A song like this appeals to a larger audience and if he gets the right feature, he may have something...
  2. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ARTIST ! Myspace.com/sswagger http://www.zshare.net/audio/6786175291fdb12f/ Shad Swagger born Rashad Harris was raised in Atlanta, Ga. This young MC
  3. I like it, It will ride in the club
  4. The song is cool, Im not impressed by it, but it will get play on the radio.
  5. Damn...This shit goes hard...simply put
  6. ScoobyH


    Yea I hear the simularities, but still for her to create a song like that and with nobody actually caring if it sounds close to "millie" ? you have to admire that, who else could have done that song ? ,she's the truth, hands down. Alot of artists,producers and songwriters make there own versions of popular songs Its all creative...
  7. Nice remix, 5 starr has a diffrent voice and thats what the industry need, diffrent people
  8. B.O.B. definatly has potential i this industry, His sound is fresh and he is making music. The track rides:)
  9. HOT track !, " mastered beautifully ! ", R.Kelly killed it !
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