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  1. ^^^Click to download^^^ Young Ty aka Tylee Hazel from Nicetown, North Philadelphia. He is currently 21 years old, he started recording when he was just 8 years old and started producing when he was 13. He graduated from Simon Gratz high school in 2007. He dedicated himself to his music and told himself that he was going to make it not just for himself, but for his family. Ty has worked day and night to master his flow, and his producing/mixing skills. He started a Record Label called
  2. LimeLinx - Preview - I'm Killin Em - Young Ty.mp3 One of the hottest artists coming out of Philly today. This is his Debut Single. It has been re-released but it is currently rocking all radio shows around Central Pa! Make sure you cop it today!
  3. Nick Smith (iamjayveee) on Twitter <<< ---- lets goo!!!!!!!!
  4. Please email me @ iamjayvee@aim.com today!!!! Next generation models (ngm) is looking to connect with new people!!!!!!
  5. Need Graphics? Please email me @ iamjayveee@aim.com!
  6. Need Graphics? Please email me @ iamjayveee@aim.com!
  7. Need graphics?? Please email me @ iamjayveee@aim.com
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