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  1. This life we dey so we go live am o even we nor get to we go flex am o, How long e take o e nor matter o we go flex am o we go flex am o This life I dey so I nor get I know I know God dey o I nor care o o who talk anything I nor no for am I no god dey so I no God dey so Na na na na na na na na na na na na Some dey there get o but na wayo o there play to get o I nor play wayo I just dey here o dey Here they wait o for my Money o As I dey here so I nor find money na my money o na come find me o Watin cos am o watin cost am na my destiny na him cos am o This life we dey so things dey happen o People dey die o I nor no watin dey worraw People some poison them selfs some dey jump for sea people dey mad o Hmm hm hn hm hm hm hm hn hmmm hmmm hmnn hmmm hmmm hmmm This life we dey so nor be we start am o And we nor go end am o cause God when e start am o na him go end am o I dey here people dey talk any how I nor no o o watin dey their head I nor no watin dey worraw people there dey talk o o talk o like fawor Hm hm hm hm hmhm hm hm End Mrvn_-_ThiS_LifE.mp3
  2. This Mrvn_-_ThiS_LifE.mp3
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