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  1. Myself and artist Nanoverse collaborated on a new single called “Devil’s Night” The song is a tribute to the 1994 cult classic film “The Crow”. The song has a dark, groovy synthwave feel to it with dynamic and aggressive vocals. The song has elements of bands like NIN, Gunship, Carpenter Brut, and Tool. The music video just released, and the audio single will be on on all streaming services worldwide on July 30th! Thank you for your time and your consideration! -Vincent Giovanni/Vinnythabone ————————————- Vinnythabone@gmail.com ✉️ (504) 875-1422 📱 Instagram@Vinnythabone 📸 TWITTER: @vinnythabone 🐦 @nanoversemusic on Instagram 📸 @nanoverse on Twitter 🐦 Vinnythabone.bandcamp.com 🎶 Nanoverse.bandcamp.com 🎶 Nanoverse & Vinnythabone - Devil's Night.mp3
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