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  1. Really cool track. If you love this one you should listen to "Wave Chapelle - Gotta do"
  2. I just need main version and instrumental of the track with exactly the same quality. That's why i like promo cds with clean dirty and instrumental. I hope u know that. I don't have secrets, i just use adobe audtion 3 and promo tracks. There is a dj on that site called ekekpromotions who used to drop a lot of promo cds. I did this one with ekek materials. If u want to know precisely how i do with each step, tell me;(u don't have a greenhitz account?...)
  3. Clean: Download Waka Flocka Flame Roscoe Dash Wale Hands (Clean)(Diy Acapella Ear) mp3
  4. I've almost get a studio acapella. I don't believe u can do better, but who knows !? Here it is (this is the dirty version, hit me if u want the clean): Waka Flocka Flame ft. Roscoe Dash & Wale - No Hands (Diy Acapella by Da Ear).mp3
  5. I'll try to do a diy, if u want
  6. my bad for the late guys. I'll see what i can do to extract those acapellas. I need official instrumentals + main version of these tracks to get good DIY, and they must have the same quality. Keep waiting, i'll give your acapellas one of these days. Peace
  7. Hey djs, does somebody know where i can find the signature that Drumma Boy use in some of his tracks : YEEEAAAAHHH BOOYYYY..........YEEAAHH Even if u don't know where to find it maybe u know what rappers the voice belong to. Thanks
  8. This track is one of my favorite. It dropped at least one year ago
  9. WWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW this shit goes hard. Could u find the instrumental please ?
  10. You people have no word, after have doing everything u told me and several replies u don't want to send that. Not serious !
  11. Hey mane, links don't work could u re-up please or send(please) at matsudashingen23@gmail.com Thanks mane
  12. Wassup with the promo pack ? ( matsudashingen23@gmail.com )
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