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  1. Do You Need Drops? Get at us!

    man i think this is fake i never got any feed back can someone check on this
  2. Do You Need Drops? Get at us!

    i can really use a girl voice for my show...YOUR IN THE MIX WITH GUAM'S # 1 DJ THE DARKNESS ON I94..THANKS MANG... [email protected]
  3. Post your twitter

    hey whats up DJ's im a local dj from guam i do clubs and radio www.twitter.com/i94fm im also looking for drops i can use on my show if any one can help hi me up thanks
  4. Wheres my DJs at?

    hey whats up green hitz my name is dj oz form a small islad on guam dj in the clubes and i have my own radio show on the island...