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  1. zSHARE - College Boy Trashed Ft. Tum Tum.zip
  2. This is the Dallas/Ft.Worth remix "I Put It On The Line". All of these artist are featured on the track in the exact order below. I did this because I wanted to come together and show some UNITY....ENJOY!!!!! One Love from me personally BIG HUD. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @BIG_HUD BIG HUD TUM TUM FAT BASTARD TRAI D INERTIA SNOW THA PRODUCT DOUGHSKI G QP ROCK D-TALL C-THRU HAWATHA B-HARDY HP MISS LIL RONNIE T-CASH VELL BLAST BIG HOOD BOSS HEIRBONE BOSS VEGAS DOUBLE-A OSO BUSHY G SPOOK ROYAL SOUTH MR. LUCCI *MIXED UP BY (NORBYEGA) zSHARE - I Put It On Line ReMix 2010.mp3
  3. "I'm A 81G" feat Thyra, Royal South, Smoothvega, Paper Chase Records, Immortal Soldierz, Sanchez, Trap Squad Cartel, Oso (81G's), Sticki, Luis Perez, Casiron, R.Kade, King Corleone, G. Spook (K104), Dat Boy Dstyles, M.E. & Killa B Eazy Produced by Young Marciano Recorded by Menace Ent/Ghetto House Muzik <-- Listen Now
  4. Twiturm.com - Royal South & Tum Tum - " College Boy Trashed" <-- Download Now!!!
  5. Twiturm.com - Royal South Feat. Tum Tum - College Boy Trashed Remix <-- Download link Make sure to check out the new single by myself Royal South & Tum Tum. Please leave feed back im bout to put a big budget behind it. Thank you!! Also let me know if you need the accapellas and instrumental Royal South Feat Tum Tum Produced By Willstrumenals
  6. Its called im an 81G It has alot of artist on it too
  7. If you need a copy of this track contact mp3vega@gmail.com
  8. www.murdaworthmicpass.com Check out the hott release from Menace Ent. and Ghetto House Muzik. Murdaworth Mic Pass featuring Soul Native, Snow tha Product, Big Tyme , Cynical 3000 , Smoothvega, Oso (81Gs), J-One, G-Spook, and Royal South. Video shot, edited, and directed by Chris Complete courtesy of The Complete show productions. Executive producer- Menace, Song produced by Norbyega and G-Spook, beat courtest of Vibe Beetz. Holla at ya boy.
  9. Royal South " College Boi Trashed" Feat Killa B Eazy & Tony C Produced By Killa B Eazy 817-317-1672 Twiturm.com - Royal South Feat. Killa B Eazy & Tony C ( SNS) - College Boi Trashed <-- Download Now Over 100,000 Plays Myspace.com/Royal817South Twitter @RoyalSouth Facebook.com/RoyalSouth Contact 817-986-4237
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