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  1. zSHARE - College Boy Trashed Ft. Tum Tum.zip
  2. This is the Dallas/Ft.Worth remix "I Put It On The Line". All of these artist are featured on the track in the exact order below. I did this because I wanted to come together and show some UNITY....ENJOY!!!!! One Love from me personally BIG HUD. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @BIG_HUD BIG HUD TUM TUM FAT BASTARD TRAI D INERTIA SNOW THA PRODUCT DOUGHSKI G QP ROCK D-TALL C-THRU HAWATHA B-HARDY HP MISS LIL RONNIE T-CASH VELL BLAST BIG HOOD BOSS HEIRBONE BOSS VEGAS DOUBLE-A OSO BUSHY G SPOOK ROYAL SOUTH MR. LUCCI *MIXED UP BY (NORBYEGA) zSHARE - I Put It On Line ReMix 2010.mp3
  3. "I'm A 81G" feat Thyra, Royal South, Smoothvega, Paper Chase Records, Immortal Soldierz, Sanchez, Trap Squad Cartel, Oso (81G's), Sticki, Luis Perez, Casiron, R.Kade, King Corleone, G. Spook (K104), Dat Boy Dstyles, M.E. & Killa B Eazy Produced by Young Marciano Recorded by Menace Ent/Ghetto House Muzik <-- Listen Now
  4. Royal South & Tum Tum " College Boy Trashed" *Better Quality*

    LimeLinx - Preview - 08 Track 8.mp3 <-- The Instrumental
  5. Twiturm.com - Royal South & Tum Tum - " College Boy Trashed" <-- Download Now!!!
  6. Tum Tum & Royal South " College Boy Trashed" Please Leave Feed Back!!

    Got you im bout to send it....
  7. Twiturm.com - Royal South Feat. Tum Tum - College Boy Trashed Remix <-- Download link Make sure to check out the new single by myself Royal South & Tum Tum. Please leave feed back im bout to put a big budget behind it. Thank you!! Also let me know if you need the accapellas and instrumental Royal South Feat Tum Tum Produced By Willstrumenals
  8. Murda Worth Mic Pass ( Murda Worth Is My City)

    Its called im an 81G It has alot of artist on it too
  9. Joy Ride Music Video Smoothvega & Lil Flip

    If you need a copy of this track contact mp3vega@gmail.com
  10. www.murdaworthmicpass.com Check out the hott release from Menace Ent. and Ghetto House Muzik. Murdaworth Mic Pass featuring Soul Native, Snow tha Product, Big Tyme , Cynical 3000 , Smoothvega, Oso (81Gs), J-One, G-Spook, and Royal South. Video shot, edited, and directed by Chris Complete courtesy of The Complete show productions. Executive producer- Menace, Song produced by Norbyega and G-Spook, beat courtest of Vibe Beetz. Holla at ya boy.
  11. Royal South " College Boi Trashed" Feat Killa B Eazy & Tony C Produced By Killa B Eazy 817-317-1672 Twiturm.com - Royal South Feat. Killa B Eazy & Tony C ( SNS) - College Boi Trashed <-- Download Now Over 100,000 Plays Myspace.com/Royal817South Twitter @RoyalSouth Facebook.com/RoyalSouth Contact 817-986-4237