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  1. Solo artist Qwote signed by Final Cut Music Group/Slip 'N Slide Records/Ultra Records. Here's his smash single "I want you" featuring Rick Ross! This song has a nice sample of Michael Jackson's "The Lady In My Life"! Check it out, give me some feed back and download it! TWITTER @QWOTE DOWNLOAD http://limelinx.com/files/25b9a127c202c21b0152d24e07fa7185
  2. Here's the NO DJ version of "Time To Get Paid" from Judicial off of his mixtape Over The Top hosted by DJ Black Bill Gates! He samples a part of Juicy from the Notorious B.I.G. to add his own edge to the song! If your I REAL hip-hop fan, you will love this song! I promise you, this song does not disappoint! This song should be everyone's anthem waking up EVERY morning! "Time To Get Paid" Video - DOWNLOAD LINK - http://limelinx.com/files/a672deb8c27f7aa7c105dd31d262ada1 Twitter - @IAMJUDICIAL
  3. This is my 2nd artist Kishon (formely of Cloud 9), you may remember him singing on the hook "Shawty Shake Yo Ass" feat. L.A. Da Boomman! Well the multi-talented artist has now went SOLO and he's comin out with a bang with his new single "Full Speed"! This song is writen and also produced by himself! This is that new summer time club music! Check it out, let me know what you think. Kishon - Full Speed http://limelinx.com/files/a9133398fe72a6d237df054bff53d714 (DOWNLOAD) Writen & Produced by: Lionel K. Lafleur Follow him on TWITTER @YoBoyKishon
  4. Now I know yall remember when I brought yall Cloud 9 "Shawty Shake Your Ass"! Now this is another one of my artist (Judicial) that I work with. He has been fortunate to get help with other dj's such as DJ Black Bill Gats & DJ Teknology! He will be on MTV 2's "Sucka Free Sundays' and in XXL's February 2011 issue. TWITTER - @IAMJUDICIAL LimeLinx - Preview - Judicial - Cigarettes & Liquor.mp3
  5. Hella Coppa & Yung Kwon hot track "Smash On Who" (Smash Gang Diss)! Real hot in da streets right now! Smash on who, Smash on who, Dont make me hit da Crucial and throw cash on You...YEEEEAH!!..This one for da PIEONS!!!!! HELLA COPPA & YUNG KWON - SMASH ON WHO LimeLinx - Preview - H.C. & Yung Kwon - Smash On Who.mp3 (DOWNLOAD) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @DJWEBBZ
  6. Another unsigned group named WANG Gang (which stands for We.All.Need.Guap.) I discovered down at Gordon College! These guys are hard workers and they all understand that in-order to make it into the biz that their sound must be different...check out there new song "Take It Off". Give me some feed back on the song. LimeLinx - Preview - Wang Gang-TAKE IT OFF.wma (DOWNLOAD) Contact Ofili (770)-362-7229 Twitter @uknowangnation
  7. Dis song is straight fye...if anoyone has the radio edit version send to djwebbz@yahoo.com
  8. Unsigned hype Cloud 9 has a strip/club banger called "Shawty Shake Yo Ass"! I've been workin with this group for a few months now and I strongly stand behind there music! It's worth checkin it out, TRUST ME! Twitter-->@cloud9_music LimeLinx - Preview - shawty shake yo ass.mp3 (DOWNLOAD)
  10. Wat Is The Best Program To Use When Making A Mixtape? Wat Program Do I Use When Making Signatures And Drops (like How Dj Drama Has The Sound "gangsta Grillz" And Ppl In Hoodrich Have "hoodrich B*tch" And How Arsonist Dj's Have The Sound "aaarsonist"?
  11. Deez Boyz Go Hard...dey Got Da Club Music On Lock!
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