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    Sophisticated Thuggin.. nuff said
  1. New sh*t from a New name in the game

    Draco Himself_Official banger package (DJ's Need this) Some fresh new sh*t for your listeners to get it to ! Something for Any mixtape theme.. help spread some Real music Draco Himself_Certified Banger package.zip Draco Himself is the New Breed Finally, an artist that is ready to take a leading role and bring light to his much overlooked home state. From all the way down the block, you can already hear the bass thumping from the back of someone’s truck. The bursting sounds of hip hop from Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Draco Himself radiate from the stereo, washing over listeners while cultivating a fiery, exciting sound. Begin with insatiably catchy beats, and add layer upon layer of Draco’s impeccable lyrical flow and talent, and his full force begins to take shape, as each song builds up potential to become the next club hit. While the young Tulsa upstart was blessed with raw, unmatched skills, his unwavering drive and determination allowed him to hone his craft into a fine edge, polishing songs and rhymes into bonafide scorching singles. Draco takes his abilities seriously, and utilizes everything to his advantage while networking across the country to build up his music, as well as his independent brand. The burgeoning hip hop and R&B mogul is stretching out into the business world, spreading his influence into record and promotion groups such as Mafiosi Media Group, BizLife LLC, and Geek*D International LLC. Draco’s presence is already felt throughout the local Tulsa, Oklahoma area, as his numerous performances throughout the area are generating buzz in the underground scene. His particular brand of rap is distinguishable and unmistakable, due to his distinct flow and superb blending of straight up hip hop and R&B. With influences ranging from Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony, Twista, Do or Die, and Tech Nine bleeding through into his records, Draco establishes himself as a machine, pumping out hits as swiftly as anyone in the industry. Wrecknation Entertainment released his latest record, The Day of Wreckoning EP, featuring 13 tracks of blazing hip hop. This is his next step towards rap stardom, garnering over 10,000 spins on internet radio stations across the web and creating a stir throughout digital media outlets. While The Day of Wreckoning is an impressive achievement, Draco is already set up for his next album, beginning the next anticipated project with even more ambition than ever before. Visit Draco’s official pages on MySpace or Reverbnation for photos, streaming audio, and further news to stay on top of all the latest info from Oklahoma's musical sensation. The Day of Wreckoning is available on iTunes now, along with a host of videos on YouTube. ### All media requests can be promptly recieved at: Dracohimself@gmail.com dracohimself.com - intro
  2. Official Single- Grind Goes On DJ's feel free to break this joint in ya area ! Get at me for Drops, Verses, etc... Artist: Draco himself Song: Grind Goes On Label: Wrecknation Ent. Grind Goes On (radio) Grind goes On_radioedit.mp3 Grind Goes On(regular) GrindgoesOn.mp3 ------------------------------------------- Get More from Draco himself here: Twiturm.com - draco himself - 'Northeast Oklahoma Soonerboy' ep Contact: dracohimself@gmail.com twitter.com/dracohimself
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  4. $20.00 Mixtape Covers Front And Back!

    shit, seem like its too good to be true as usual...
  5. Shostoppa - Fly$hit

    This shit goin hard mayne.. im tryin to put it on the next mixtape of mine..
  6. Bali - What I Wanna Do [Prod. by Jvon]

    Shit is thoe'd bruh !
  7. Djs Give Me Your Email Address For Exclusive's

    'Draco,himself' Tulsa, OK. mafiosimedia1@ymail.com