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    I'm Djblack Ceza-AKA DaLandLordOfDaSouth..I'm In Shannon ,MS Will Work Or Network With Real People..

    Black Ceza Records & Grimme Music Djs, S.C.M Radio & Artist In Need
    Who am i ? Wonderful a popularity song in the 80s.. Da Land Lord Of Da South ! Rent's Due! "Pay Me!" Ha, Ha.. S.C.M.R A D I O It's not just Music // It's a Movement!



    PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 09, 2010 – Da Land Lord Of Da South, the CEO and founder of Black Ceza Records & Middle Finger U Enterprises is a multifaceted monster, on the grind 22 hrs a day nonstop, to make it to the top of the music charts .

    Ceza Da Land Lord Of Da South has made it his goal, to climb to the top with artists and producers from around the world, from rap and r&b to rock. Ceza has a broad range of music styles and businesses, including graphic designers, website design, recording, music, publishing co., artist management, movies, videos, and radio are just a few to be named.

    Music and Entertainment has always been, Ceza's best friend, a
    cellphone, pen and E machine, have always been his women. In his
    career, Ceza has had his run in with the law, on a number of
    occasions, from little crimes to major crimes, but now
    with God showing him a better way of life, Ceza's only crime has been
    killing the music world, with his knowledge, of running a super power
    house of artist and outstanding business. Quality music is always on
    Ceza's mind and motivating the artist to become better is what he
    pastors to his artist on a daily basis. Ceza is recognized for his crazy
    style of drops for TV and radio, skits for mix tapes and CDS and his
    wild mix down skills on the tracks. Artist, Promoter, CEO, Graphic
    designer, Engineer, Artist Manager and so on and so on. S.C.M R A D I
    O . C O M -Request Line 901-746-8512/ Maritza Bueno is Program Manager
    Office phone 704-906-4972 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 704-906-4972 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Ceza-A Letter, for the folks.. that want to make Rapping or singing
    there dream. Degrees are helpful, but they won't guarantee you
    success in the business world. Only faith in God and dedication to your
    vision can do that.See your vision and stick with it . I have learned
    to listen and not speak since I have had my 6 strokes yes i said
    SIX STROKES so I know why I am still alive? To show you guy's that with
    some hard work and some bad rest you can achieve your goals.

    The "ARTIST IN NEED" organization is a team of players that will
    change the way we
    live. It's vision is about helping people that are less fortunate. We do for you
    what no one would, we help folks out of jams. If your a person in
    need of anything? Call Djblack Ceza or David Ford the CEO of the
    outfit. I love being me, www.artistinneed.com go join today.

    wwwthisbelongsontheradio.com is a network set up for a&r's, publishers,
    recording company's,artist, models, club owners and even baby
    sitters, all just at your finger tips. I am the program directer for
    this site if you are an artist looking for music you can download your
    favorite track here on the site. Stars of tomorrow we have a special going
    on it's a $1.00 a day, 30 day's $30.00 dollars only until Dec 31st,2010. In
    January prizes will go up. So if you want to be seen and heard by BIG
    PEOPLE; JOIN TODAY. Don't wait til the prize's go!

    ARTIST MGMT/PUBLICIST Michelle Alene this is my publicist..she has
    work in this field 15 years, she worked for Island/Def Jam
    Distribution as well as producer Toma out of Germany. She also worked for
    Warner/Elektra/Atlantic doing artist tours and travel and promotions
    with artists such as Lil Cease, Brandy, Timbaland, Missy Elliott,Yolanda Adams,
    Silk and many more.


    I was just in Swaggnew Magazine Australian Hip-hop magazine. Anr Drekz is the CEO.

    I was featured in Southern Magazine Xsposure Magazine www.xsposure.com
    The Daily Journal all the time CD Rated 10 which is great review

    Street Wisdom Magazine www.streetwisdom.com
    Won 1st Prize's; Outta State Knock Down Awards For The best Music
    Record Company in the south .

    Chicago Times 2008 for being in a play called West Side Story I
    played the part of one of the gang members Riff the leading roll..
    Played in Annie played the part of Roster
    Had my on Tv Show Music 78 something like Bet..106 and Park

    Producer is from Germany Mr. Tiran Hitzs / Producer Capital T.
    Promoter Gucci Desouza / Promoter Paper boy
    Graphics Me33y

    Artist on Catalog: Coke rap artist from Chicago, Grim Ceza- form
    Chicago, 9 Gotti from ATL, Nina Ross/UGK, Blok Leadaz, Dirty Dankk,
    Big Rome, Cash, Ced B, Me33y, Nikki Allen R&B Singer, Mr.Duan Scott
    R&B singer, R&B KC, James Cox, J Grims, Jaimac the brother of Lazy &
    Flesh And Bone Harmony Major Dee, Mystical Love, Nick G,13, Young
    Swagg, Tall T with S.O.D & Soulja Boy, Rodney Dangero, Captil T & Gerne.

    To book any of these acts call 662-321-7781 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 662-321-7781 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 609-545-7932 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 609-545-7932 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    ~DJ Black Ceza
    I am also on Skype- DJ Black Ceza

    Models KAY, LUCY, NIKKI, MANDY..are just to name a few. For booking
    models call me at 609-545-7932 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 609-545-7932 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    www.artistinneed.com is a new place you will see me with this 2011 New
    Radio Show..

    www.blackcezarecords.com will be up and going in two weeks..Dec / 24 /2010

    TO PURCHASE RINGTONES: www.myxer.com


    Office: 609-545-7932 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 609-545-7932 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Cell: 662-321-7781 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 662-321-7781 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Black Ceza Records
    Po.Box 180
    Shannon Ms

    "The Hit Making Factory"

    "Rent's Due! Pay Me!"

    Ceza Play House...
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  1. @Criminal_Manne you doing it big brother..don't forget about who broke your track 1st..lol Djblack Ceza- & S.C.M RADIO.COM
  2. Hello Lil Sho Sho.. how are you doing? Hey what do i need to do? To get an interview with you guy's.. if got a problem with Mr. Plies? He called me out.. in this track right here... but he also called me up and cured me out. because me and my brother made this video? <B>Plies Diss Track To DaLandLordOfDaSouth<B> <br><br> GRIM CEZA & Djblack Ceza Plies Busted For Smoking Crack.. <br><br> "Welcome To My Hood" YouTube - DJ Khaled- "Welcome To My Hood" VIDEO Ft. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil' Wayne & T-Pain
  3. Black Ceza Records S.C.M RADIO Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday @ 5:00PM Til 8:00PM Central Time Zone.. SCMRADIO.COM - It's Not Just Music...It's A Movement!!! with Djblack Ceza- Hip-Hop Savor.. This is a show you don't want to miss..Gossip of the evening and who is screwing who..Lol this show is rated Hip-Hop*** The South Savor DaLandLordOfDaSouth..Rent's Due! Pay Me! (Request Line: 662-995-0679) Don't Hang up give your name and wait.. Djblack Ceza- www.blackcezarecords.com www.scmradio.com www.thisbelongsontheradio.com djblackceza@gmail.com ceoofblackcezarecords@gmail.com cezagirls@usa.com Office: 662-995-0679
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