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  1. Both instrumentals plz (and acapellas if u have them) admin@djversionz.com Thanks
  2. Please leave Feedback, thanks. Download at http://usershare.net/t0jbrhubhisz
  3. Yeah, definately feelin' that. Will remix
  4. Can I please have a service pack, wanna remix. admin@djversionz.com
  5. Any Chance of service pack? would love to remix. admin@djversionz.com
  6. Can I please Have Service Pack, Link for instrumental broken. admin@djversionz.com
  7. Thanks, big tune, Can I have Service pack please? admin@djversionz.com thanks
  8. Can I Please have service pack/ acapella? admin@djversionz.com thanks
  9. can I please have service pack? admin@djversionz.com thanks
  10. will play on radio xfs (xfs.youstream.fm) email admin@djversionz.com
  11. A quick demo of what I can do for your tune. Either have an established beat or a complete original remix. for more details contact admin@djversionz.com or message me here. Download at:- http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DV1732WQ
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