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  1. Oh Boy! I know i'm about to drop this...aye aye aye aye aye
  2. Shout Out to all them boys from the Big OOMP Camp...its ya boi DJ Nuthin doing my thang for them Air Force kats out here in Turkey...I got this area on lock right now....Played this in the club and they was on it...Lets Do it....be nice to get that drop
  3. Yeah, I'm in the club and definitely going to play this Friday...good lookn'
  4. It's aight...can't really just bump this in the club
  5. club drunk song all day...get mad play on this side homie
  6. What it do pimpin, I'm bout to drop this in the club...im repping that 75214 D-Town Baby, I'm holding it down for dem military kats over here in Turkey...yeah this thang international...keep it bumpin
  7. Yeah, bout to drop this on Friday...I'm killing these kats with all kind of shit...keep that footwork moving
  8. Yeah man, I'll drop this on Friday and see what it be like...I think it is hot...the hook good for them kats in the club faded...I don't know about the rest but, I can definitely make this a club banger...gotta know when to play it...i gotcha...you can send me a drop at kcirred_us@yahoo.com
  9. Yo, I played this Friday and then Saturday like 5 people had on all yella...it go hard...for 2 verses
  10. Hot banger...i'll play the mannie fresh joint then blend this rite in and dey gone luv it...keep it bumpin homie
  11. I'm about to drop this in the club on Friday...this is a nice banger
  12. Yo I like this...Im in Turkey DJ'ing for the military kats and I keep the club poppin over here...Ima bump this on the International side...lets get it
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