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  1. great great great track - classic sample
  2. i'm just getting a spotify playlist - not the actual track
  3. been a massive fan of this jojnt over the past cupla months. one of my faves out there to be honest. everything about this is just soooo right
  4. IAn ok track that is growing on me. Not the greatest vocalist or best song in the world but I could see it sync'd to a scene in maybe the Power tv show, as opposed to blazing on radio stations
  5. not really for me. good idea, not fully realized
  6. came to hear what all the hype was about. both ok tracks tho
  7. hopefully this will grow on me, but nothing special right now to these ears
  8. J23 is a new name to me but have been a fan of Jamillions solo material since waaaaaaay back. This collab grows on me with every listen. To these ears, this has the energy of those early commercial B.o.B. releases. With the right push, and support, I could hear this also crossing over into mainstream
  9. As a track in its own right, its nice. As a response, it's mediocre
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