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  1. Good true stuff bruh. I'm with you 150% on that. I had a car club trying to play me like that the other day. This guy went and spent like 900 on a car show. You know for like food and prizes. Then when it came to me the Dj. He was basically like can i do him a favor and play got like donations or something. That's when i got like your homeboys that be asking for work and never show up. I was like nah im to busy to work for free bruh bruh. I gotta eat out here.
  2. Travis Porter - Make Me Sick

    Man I love that line. Its been my text tone since "make it rain". Its really laid back. I hope they do a remix hype version of this track.
  3. Travis Porter - Make It Rain

    OMG these tracks are fire. Good look bruh. Travis Porter is on it.
  4. Lady - No Hands (Remix)

    I am loving it. I love the southern accent. She truly reaping the south.