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    "I wrote my first song when i was seven, I started off early. The game was insane wearing holocaust jerseys!!!"

    A couple of lines from my first album that pretty much sums up how it all started. I was born July 11th,1989 in Beaumont,Texas. I grew up in the North of my town off of Lucas Street on Dallas Ave. I had a pretty easy life thanks to my wonderful mom,sister and brother. My sister was actually like a 2nd mom to me so i basically grew up with two mothers. Life in Beaumont wasn't as complex for me as it was to others. I loved the city, the surroundings,the weather, the people, and the atmosphere. My mom made sure that I had everything I wanted and needed. Some would call that spoiled. I never knew that music would be apart of my life in such a major aspect even though I always loved to hear it and sing it. According to my mom music has been apart of me since i was in her womb. She and my brother would play different records, ol'skool cd's for you young people, and I would react differently according to the record they played. My brother said I would kick when he'd start playing rap music and my mom would always calm me down with the smooth melodies of the oldies music and even classical music. As the years went by rap music became very mainstream and I knew almost every song there was, at leas the ones my mom would let me listen to. All the music I was raised on was clean and it sounded just right which is part of the reason I don't curse in my music. I never thought that I would be doing music until I was seven years old. When I attended a public elementary school for the first time I came upon being teased about my height and weight. I used to write poetry as a pass time to get out all my bottled in emotions which eventually led into song writting. It wasn't until the 8th grade that I started seriouslly persuing music proffessionally, even though I had written 3 albums already. What convinced me was a trip to St. Louis where I was blessed to see the actual studio that Nelly recorded his first two albums and met Chingy, and Murphy Lee. When I got back to Beaumont that summer I asked my mom to buy me a keyboard and thats when I first started producing my own music. I was set and knew what kind of sound I wanted and how my music should be. Then the thing that really set me off, recording. After hurricane Rita I decided that life is too short to wait on anyone so i found a recording program and started recording myself. My eleventh grade year me and the first group I was in, 3 Deep, recorded our first songs and that's what started the legacy. After adding Young Blaze, formely known as Trail Blaze, and Ace to the group and a few of our closest friends we decided to form a musical entourage called "Lil'City Da Clique". Since then we have been the heartbeat of the Beaumont,Tx music scene. After graduating and attending Lamar University I decided to take our group, add a few others, and form my own record label, V.E.R.S.E. Records (Versatile Entreprenuers Rapping Singing & Entertaining) est. January 28, 2009. The label is owned in partnership between me and Eric Templeton, who i met at Lamar and worked on a project dedicated to the university entitled "Welcome To LU". Ever since then all my skills have advanced and i'm still learning new things today. I'm now a rapping,producing,recording,engineering,mixing,deejaying extrodinaire and I plan to show everyone that Beaumont,Tx has real artist. I just recently finished my first mixtape, "The Campaign" and plan to give most of the cd's out for free. I cherish my music and I know that if it wasn't for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, none of this would be possible.
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