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    BESTOUT ENT is not just an indie label, but it's the lead Movement of those who how are dedicated to excel in the Music Industry. We all come from humbled beginnings and worked as a grassroots unit focused on growing to larger proportions.

    DA LOUZAZ, of BestOut Ent., are more of a family than a rap group. Taking pride in their diverse personalities, the posse of six: BUFF & CHUBB; The Old Heads, DA' LOUZA; Mr. Don't Say Nuttin, BUCKET SLEEZEBALL; Casanova reincarnated, LOW; The Youngster and MAZZI (aka Marly G); The Gangsta. da' Louza, Mazzi & Chubb are cousins. Repping St. Louis to the fullest, these six individuals strive to show why: "Not just ME, WE BEST OUT!!!" is their mantra.

    TRIP KNOWLEDGE is of Puerto Rican & Greek decent. He's our street-lyricist. Born in Texas, raised in NYC and resides in Orlando, FL (aka Ozone).

    BestOut's newest member, DJ ABBICO is the most wide-range, creative producers to be heard in a long time (the kid actually plays the keys). He hails from San Jose, CA. His name is an acronym for: DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER (Dj Abbico).

    All BestOut Ent's artists enjoy making music from their hearts, and finding themselves through their own life experiences while inspiring each other to go beyond the limits. Continue to look for more group projects, collaborations, merchandise, and as well as individual projects, plus future artists from BestOut Ent.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact:
    (someone will definitely respond.)

    And please, feel free to spread the word... a movement cannot be in motion unless the word is passed around.
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    Hood Globalization
  1. The much anticipated debut album from southside St. Louis indie artist, BUFF GUDDA, of the famed rap duo "Buff & Chubb". Buff Gudda - GUDDA LIFE VOL. 1 http://www.audiomack.com/album/bestoutent/gudda-life-vol-1 FREE DOWNLOAD Comin in HOT with his unique sound and original flow including features by: Chubb, Da Louza, Tef Poe, Indiana Rome, Thunder Roars, Yung Dark, Laurie Be, San Da Don & Mr Jones. Hosted by one of NYC's biggest DJs, Bedtyme 357. GUDDA LIFE VOL. 1 (click link for FREE DOWNLOAD) For booking, interviews & collab info contact: BestOutentstl@gmail.com FREE high quality MP3 downloads: @BestOut Ent Music peace, Wally Wallace BestOut Ent. "Not Just Me, We Best Out!!!!"
  2. Here's another HOT new music video by our rap duo from south-side St. Louis, Buff & Chubb ft. Birdie - FUCK YOU MEAN. Please view it and let me know if it can be added to your site. @BuffandChubb
  3. Skitzo Jowns hails from Ft. Myers FL and it's the city in which he credits his grind. Known in the BestOut Ent. camp as "the hit-maker", he is bound to be a force to be reckoned with. This is his 1st street-tape on the promising indie label with features from T.R.I.P. Knowledge (fellow label mate) & Scropio. Skitzo Jowns - PRODUCT IN HAND FREE DOWNLOAD http://www.datpiff.com/Skitzo-Jowns-Product-In-Hand-mixtape.513069.html @SkitzoJowns Take a listen to it. Hope all is well. For booking, interviews & collab info contact: BestOutentstl@gmail.com FREE high quality MP3 downloads: @BestOut Ent Music
  4. Buff & Chubb - WORTH THE WAIT FREE DOWNLOAD: Buff & Chubb - WORTH THE WAIT (street-tape) 1. Intro 1:04 2. Day One 2:36 3. Early In The Morning 3:35 4. I Don't See Nobody ft. Bezzle 4:32 5. Interlude 1 0:58 6. Fuck Dat Nigga 4:18 7. Finally ft. Quis 4:15 8. We Jammin' 3:35 9. Bitch I Feel Good ft. Willie Gunz 3:05 10. From The Hood ft. Quis 3:09 11. Can't Be Stopped 2:37 12. You Aint Neva ft. Willie Gunz 3:21 13. 24's 3:03 14. Get Low ft E. B. 4:47 15. Fo, Fives & Fortys ft. Willie Gunz 3:28 16. Interlude 2 0:44 17. Da Game 2:33 18. Neva Was Real 3:23 19. Interlude 3 1:06 20. Ain't I Gangsta 3:36 21. This Aint Nothin' ft. Willie Gunz 3:37 22. Gotta Go ft. da' Louza & Bezzle 4:59 23. Outro 0:57 24. On One (Bonus track) 3:17 25. Cocaine Spittaz (Bonus track) 2:49 Buff & Chubb hail from southside St. Louis, they simply rap off their childhood nicknames. WORTH THE WAIT is their 2nd mixtape, 2 SIDES TO ERR... STORY! being the first. They're definitely Da Lou's most prominent underground artists who's movement is truly born from the streets. Features from: Da' Louza, Willie Guns, E.B., & Bezzle from "I DON'T C NOBODY" fame. Also, peep their new music video, FROM DA HOOD directed by RichVision. WORTH THE WAIT is hosted by well-known St. Louis DJ: "DJ T-Gutta" International Bum Squad DJz (Regional Manager) Goon Squad DJs (Founder/Ceo) Hitt Breaka DJs TraKCBanga DJs (Board Member)
  5. New music video from BestOut Ent's rap duo BUFF & CHUBB out of southside St. Louis, MO This song is off their upcoming street-tape: WORTH DA WAIT
  6. Buff & Chubb are the hottest rap duo from southside St. Louis since UGK. "> Buff & Chubb - WE ON ONE (4DaLou) @buffandchubb
  7. It's finally here, LIFE'S AN ILLUSION by da' Louza out of southside St. Louis. DJ Bedtyme 357 can be heard on HATE MONEY RADIO, M - F, 7 - 9 (EST), on 1.FM Jamz It's FIYA y'all!!!
  8. This is the new FIYA track from the HOTTEST indie artist in St. Lou: "da'Louza" Off his soon to be released mixtape hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357 (NYC), LIFE'S AN ILLUSION FREE DOWNLOAD: da' Louza - KEEP DREAMIN BestOutEnt - Keep Dreamin ft. da' Louza on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  9. The new single from HOTTEST duo since UGK, BUFF & CHUBB out of St. Louis. FREE DOWNLOAD: WE JAMMIN - Buff & Chubb BestOutEnt - WE JAMMIN - Buff & Chubb (clean) - SoundCloud
  10. Checkout da'Louza from southside St. Louis, MO rip this Jay Z track: AIN'T NO LOVE The new single off his soon-to-be released mixtape: The Beatstealer Vol. 2: "The B.E.S.T. Thus Far!" (Guest DJ, TBA) AIN'T NO LOVE - da'Louza BestOutEnt - Ain't No Love - da'Louza - SoundCloud
  11. Live right now! HATE MONEY RADIO w/DJ Bedtyme 357! Click Link Below: djbedtyme357 Live Video Streaming Listen To: AIN'T NO LOVE by da'Louza BestOutEnt - Ain't No Love - da'Louza - SoundCloud
  12. That street-tape is finally here y'all from the HOTTEST duo since UGK out of Da Lou. 2 SIDES TO ERR... STORY! - Buff & Chubb CLICK LINK BELOW (FREE DOWNLOAD):
  13. This single has been BURNING St. Louis airwaves!!! Click link below: BestOutEnt - I Don't C Nobody Ft. Chubb, Buff, & Bezzle - SoundCloud Be expecting that street-tape to drop here real soon also.
  14. IT'S HERE!!! THE NEW STREET-TAPE, BESTOUT ENT. PRESENTS: T.R.I.P. KNOWLEDGE THUG REALITY IS PAIN FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CLICK LINK BELOW: Trip Knowledge - Thug Reality Is Pain Hosted by BestOut Ent. Presents: // Free Mixtape @ DatPiff.com SOCIAL SITES: Http://www.Twitter.com/TripKnowledge Http://www.Myspace.com/KnowledgeTrip "Not Just Me, WE BEST OUT!" (that's the motto y'all)
  15. THE NEW SINGLE FROM THE ENTIRE CREW: DA LOUZAZ CLICK LINK BELOW: MUHFUHKA SAY WHAT BestOutEnt - "Muhfuhka Say What" ft. Ant da'Louza, Bucket B, Buff, Marly G, & Chubb - SoundCloud
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