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  1. nice sounds .I need this ,,the new sound of my club 2014
  2. i can work with this ..its alright
  3. good remake in the holiday sprit ..man i still love xmas
  4. yeah evrtime i hear this song its got a different break ..i like it the video version is a banger and then today on ellen she did some serious harmonizing go willow
  5. nice beat the voc is wack...i try this weekend
  6. greaat song and a club banger for all ages in my club
  7. ne yo has grown and sexy down packed
  8. smooth voice nice mix i like this ..great r&b
  9. This song is blowing up my dancefloor but i only played it latenite because of the cussing but now i have the clean ver.. im killing all nite long thanks
  10. Yo ..thanks for the clean post ..good cuts tearin up my dancefloor
  11. nice reremix luda is good and this is hyped my dancfllor oves it
  12. dis is a club banger already and the remix is gonna tear up my dancefloor thanks
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