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    The transformation from grunge rock to acoustic troubadour to RAPVIKING.COM made Matthew William Hunkins a unique artistic brand. His ability to flow from one musical style to another is making a mark on the music scene. Matthew’s peculiar voice and guitar has resulted in many fantastic musical creations.
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    Collab Orations Of Doom

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  1. Thanks- Badass jams, Dig it.
  3. Rapp Sinatra - MP3 Download Link Rapp Sinatra - Acapella Version MP3 Download Link Rapp Sinatra - Instrumental Version MP3 Download Link
  4. Appreciate that brother! I will put one together for you.
  5. Rapp Sinatra - Streaming Link RAPP SINATRA.mp3
  6. https://rapviking.com/track/2592164/rapp-sinatra Preview Full Album
  7. https://rapviking.com/track/2541345/membership-ft-kurupt-prod-by-by-anno-domini-nation
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