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    DJ Z-Trip, Rise N Shine Band, HYPER CRUSH, Deep West Sound, Katy Perry, DJ Sizzahandz, Donald Glaude
  1. like me on facebook...https://www.facebook.com/DJPARTYROCK1 inbox me what you want me to see? https://soundcloud.com/partyrockbham/free-dj-drops
  2. LIVE REMIX TO method man n 2 gether now WITH ACC OF MAMA SAID KNOCK U OUT LL.COOL.J LIVE MIX https://soundcloud.com/partyrockbham/mama-said-knock-you-out-vs-method-man-n-2-gether-now-blend hit me on facebook i love to trade music and accp.. https://www.facebook.com/DJPARTYROCK1
  3. https://soundcloud.com/partyrockbham/mama-said-knock-you-out-vs-method-man-n-2-gether-now-blend
  5. yea i was able to get 103 out of 820 that where on there!! not worth downloading the track i did get alot of them are allready on here i dont know if its uploaded are what but, seem that alot that is posted on there have breaks in the flies and dont download right!!
  6. why do the file upload allwise have missing files? u should mediafire.com its much better and wont let missing files happen like uploaded does but, yea thanks for some of the music!!!!
  7. i did download all 3 ill try it again could just be on my end thanks for the post
  8. did not work for me only gave me about 11 songs downloaded all file and says its missing part 1 but i have part 1 so i dont know whats up?
  9. thanks man for this one dj flex www.regulatordjs.net
  10. so i downloaded all the files... and out of the 450+ files that said they where there only 222 worked good post but not alot that can be play in the club.. but, good if u like music...
  11. i feel that i got 10 out of the 14 downloaded... so we will see what happen tonight as far as the music that really in the files.. i wish people would use mediafire.com its free and this way we can download all of them at once not.. take a week.. to get what we hope is good stuff just saying but, dont get me wrong good post
  12. i think this guy is just a scam.. trying to get music for his so called site.. and money...
  13. yea thats funny im hear that alot he hit me up saying he wanted 60,000 + remixes i have to get on the site and i was like what? not before i see what the site is about.. if u where ever on hiphophits.net before it took there stuff down anyone know i post hella music under dj flex from the drama squad dj crew... he told me he was going to black list me if i did not give him 60,000 tracks i was like whatever i get free music everyday..
  14. did anyone get a invites to this site?
  15. Crooklyn Clan Package (7 Gb ) thanks for the big post but, i hate ul. uploader its slow... people on this site need to use mediafire.com its free to use way way faster.... and the way u uploaded this i downloaded 4 files and its ask for 5 so im thinking u uploaded all 7gb of music.. i dont know any dj who as that much space on there laptop just saying...
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