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  1. need a dirty version of this banger
  2. this one got some heat to it
  3. After stepping back into the studio with a new team, label and outlook Crunchy Black aka Mr. Crunch Time is preparing to take over the south with his upcoming new projects that has him on course for a early Fall and Late Winter take over for his Hard Hittaz Money Gang Label . With the already buzzing new street banger Big Bra Robbin running fast on to commercial radio .The parent company Strukk World Entertainment Group is gearing the roster up for Crunchy Black's I 'am The Streets mix project for November 1 and a late Winter single release through Strukk World /Img Recordings /Sony. Crunchy Black is not worried one bit about the negative energy in the air that is all around he is just preparing for his shot at the crown. For more news stay tuned in to strukkbizworldonline.com Download - My link Go follow @HARDHITAZMONEYG @HercNation @B_Ellis4real
  4. yea this is most definitely a hot track im feelin this joint...spinnin it tonite out here in Korea!
  5. hot track for the club, these girls are goin somewhere they got alot of talent and great voices.
  6. yes this is a must have definite club banger for sure! please dont sleep on this track. the production is solid, and the song overall is hot. Lil Reno goin hard on this track 10/10
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