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  1. ella mai's vocals are pristine
  2. Boooom, Swae killed it! Haven't been a fan of his stuff away from Rae Sremmurd but this is boommode.
  3. Wickid, typical Thugger. Say what you will, but Young Thug has been pretty consistent from the time he's entered the game. Anything he touches has pretty much been a solid track.
  4. Father of the mumble rap movement lol, but seriously Future has put together a solid steady career or bangas, hits and features
  5. spotify link couldnt be accessed Got it, will definitely place this in my thursday mix show
  6. Heard it last night on Hot97 in the Funk Flex mix. Pure fire!
  7. Whoaaa, I didnt know this collab was in the works but guess it makes sense. I forgot about the Kardashian conenction lol, but hey, this is fire!
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