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  1. Thank you! Soenload link is empty.
  2. Gonna listen to this. I saw him on Billboard. Can't listen. The file was removed.
  3. I enjoy the Spanish influences in this song, although the explicit version of this song is too hot for daytime ears, and is limited for on air playing time, by only being allowed to essentially be played between the hours of 10pm and 6am, per FCC rules. However, the clean version is welcomed, and it can be played during any daypart hours.
  4. Provocative! Thank goodness for the clean version, because the explicit version is not capable of being played during daypart hours and before 10pm in accordance with FCC policies. The explicit version needs to truely not be heard by kids in the daypart hours. Again, thank you for the clean version as I was not able to provide air-play until after 10pm and stop at 6am per the FCC.
  5. Thisv song definitely belongs in the top five or number one. It is a for sure hit!
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