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  1. https://www30.zippyshare.com/v/QLiJ8pao/file.html
  2. @slamminshann I agree that he does, but I don’t use that language around him that is all. He hears it in some of the music he plays as well as some of the music I produce. Like I said I just monitor his activity as he tries to build his catalog of music. Any help or tips you can provide him would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. @slamminshann My 11 year old son who is a beginner DJ uses this account, I simply monitor his activity. I would appreciate it that you would be respectful and not use that type of language where he can see it.
  4. Thank you Thank you There is nothing to download...am i doing something wrong?
  5. This is Hot!!! There is nothing to download when I click on the link. @1Time
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