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    Grew up in Lil Haiti in Miami. Music has always been in my life for the good and bad. I love to DJ just to see people dance and vibe. To release they stress and have fun for just a moment when I'm on the set.
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    Remixing music, surfing da net.

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  1. City girls jumping on da tracks. City girls jumping on da tracks.
  2. Heard it on a Miami radio 99 jams. This song has potential.
  3. Man when Cashmoney came out it was epic. Seeing this guys in Lil Haiti shooting Project Chick was great. Making music with Zoepound. Still like jamming to all the Cash Money artist. Unity is all we need.
  4. They bringing it back. Now every one making music. I'm viben to this
  5. French doing his thang this year. So far this is like the third song I like.
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