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  1. Will add Both, But da Slow cut im feeling da most.
  2. Ok song, Mixtape filler. I would remove Waka from the intro and focus more on the girls vocals. If u do a good video it will shed some light on the girls. Wish you well on your new company. Taylor-Boy
  3. Datz a banger. See u at the top. lol, Taylor-Boy
  4. Lady Red Dope Girl Bop.mp3 clear1djs@gmail.com A&R Taylor-Boy
  5. Lady Red Dope Girl Bop.mp3 A&R: Taylor-Boy Clear1djs@gmail.com
  6. Datz what happen when you grind hard to become a major force in da game. U stop beef'n n get back to da money. I think Gucci verse is weak or out dated, don't sit right with the track. Just my 1cent:confused: Now what would really make sense(cents) is a "Jeezy vs Gucci" Tour"Who Trap da hardest" "Who got it on lock" lol Now yall making cents to start making $$$$$
  7. What up fam. What is the best program/software to do email blasting/newsletters? I have a gmail account, but when i blast it will send a copy of all my contacts. I want to be able to send blasts/newsletters to groups without sending other emails address to everyone boxs. I hope i explain that right:rolleyes: Thanks in advance for any help. Taylor-Boy Dope Girl Bop.mp3 Gett_n Money.mp3
  8. Lady Red Gett'n Money Gett_n Money.mp3A&R: Taylor-Boy 561-983-3644
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