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    Gerrald Elijah Careathers Born March 9, 1991 better known by his stage name Boss Man Bandz
    (formely known as Koolaid Boy) Born in the city of Sacramento,California, Boss Man Bandz later moved
    to Chattanooga,TN at the age of 6. He was inspired to pursue music professionally the year 2008,
    when he witnessed the young YouTube phenomenon Soulja Boy Tell"em gain success at such a young age. he would pair up with his brother to form the group Kool Out Boyz. In 2008 Boss Man Bandz first song he recorded and produced was Kool Out Boyz "CRANK DAT ELMO", few years later they world form the Lamborghini Boyz. In 2012 The group was featured on a local Chattanooga,TN hip-hop station Power 94,as STREET FLAVA ARTIST OF THE WEEK.2015 The Lamborghini Boyz proved they are not one hit wonders when they got there newer hit single "Can't Stop Ballin" played on the same radio station.2016 Boss Man Bandz inked a deal with BMI and is now working on his solo career he also made it in an issue of two hip-hop magazines Crunk Atlanta and 9.0
    2017 Boss Man Bandz made his solo debut on Power 94 with his song Feelin Good Feelin Great, After 9 years of hard work Boss Man Bandz is now breaking into the mainstream music scene.

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